Adonai Arts Academy offers private music instruction year-round. Enrollment in private lessons is not tied to semesters or seasonal classes. Students may begin private music instruction at any time. For the most efficient connection of student and instructor schedules, please contact Music Director T.J. Haynes at to enroll your student for private music lessons.

If you are interested in our exciting new Piano classes, where beginners ages 5 to 8 may learn the fundamentals of the piano in a class setting, email for more info.


With multiple active piano studios at our Nashville location, siblings can take classes at the same time! Every student learns differently, and we strive to create a unique learning path for everyone. Learn to love the classics, as well as worship-style playing. Classes are one-on-one for 30 or 60 minutes as requested by the family.  For beginners, consider enrolling your student in our new Elementary Beginners Piano Class.  With a class size limited to 6 students and 2 teachers, students and parents can gauge whether to pursue private piano.  Enrollment will be limited, so contact us now if interested (  Private instruction is offered year-round at our East Nashville and Hobson Pike locations, and beginning piano classes are offered during the school year in East Nashville.


Fundamental elements of music theory and playing guitar (chords, scales, technique), so that they may eventually learn to play any song or style of music of their choice. Chords, scales, and technique will be taught through a comprehensive method consisting of real songs and esoteric study.  Private instruction is offered year-round, at our East Nashville and Hobson Pike locations.


Aspiring drummers learn basic stick technique and drumming fundamentals in a fun group environment using a variety of items such as djembes, buckets, lids, and anything else that makes a cool sound. Our new instructor has worked with marching bands for many years, particularly drumline. Students will play exercises and rudiments along with recorded music, acquiring drumming technique that will carry over to any other form of percussion playing. Private instruction is offered year-round.


Students learn the basics of music reading and note names, and the complexities of bowing and music theory. You'll love learning in a classical style with this laid back, one-on-one setup. Our strings instructor plays with numerous renowned chamber and symphonic groups. Violin, viola, and cello are available for study. Private instruction is offered year-round, particularly on Monday or Wednesday evenings.


We are thrilled to have a Metro Nashville middle school band instructor and a professional woodwinds musician instructing our woodwinds students. Whether your student is new to the instrument or already participating in a band program at their school, students will be able to advance on their specific woodwind instrument. Private instruction is offered year-round, at our East Nashville location.


One on one instruction in the various elements of vocal instruction with an emphasis on developing practical skills and knowledge in music theory, note reading, range development, diction, and performance.  The content may include worship, classic, musical theatre, and pop genres. Private instruction is offered year-round, at our East Nashville location.