Adonai Arts Academy is a nonprofit organization devoted to discipleship and professional training for student artists of all backgrounds, abilities and ages, in order to enhance their gifts and equip them for ministry in the visual and performing arts.


The seeds for what is now Adonai Arts Academy were planted in the heart of Serenity Vanderschoot in 2007 in Lebanon, TN, to provide Christ-centered dance instruction for girls and in the heart of Dr. David Diehl, Trevecca Nazarene University music professor to reach into Nashville communities with music education. The first dance program, God’s Lil’ Princess, was attended by 12 girls. Adonai Dance, a full dance academy, opened in Lebanon, TN, in fall 2009 with 23 students.  Simultaneously in Nashville in 2009, NazArts was created and non-profit private music instruction was begun as a community ministry through Nashville First Church of the Nazarene.  Adonai International felt called to expand its reach into all art forms and became incorporated in 2011.  NazArts, during the same period added art classes to its offerings.  In the fall 2014, Adonai moved into a facility on TN-109. After two years, the Lord called Adonai International out of an independent studio and into church partnership to reach further into the community serving students of all backgrounds.  In the Lord's timing and with His connection of the leadership of both ministries, in fall 2016, Adonai International merged with the NazArts to become Adonai Arts Academy with offices operating out of Nashville First Church of the Nazarene. The Lord is good! Going into the fall of 2018, Adonai Arts Academy will be reaching into the lives of more than 400 students in 6 locations in Nashville, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, and Hermitage, TN. We're excited to see what the Lord would have us do and where the Lord would have us go next!



Adonai Arts Academy provides classical education in music, art, and dance for the purpose of expression in the worship of God in corporate worship and within the everyday lives of our students.  The inspiration of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word form the foundation of our instruction.  We move through annual themes highlighting Creation, God's Covenant with Abraham, His Promise Kept with Joshua, Judges & Ruth, and His Son's Coming, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our highly trained staff desire to see the gifts and hearts of all students cultivated for Gods purposes. Prayer and scripture are a regular part of class and performance.  

We strive to make the arts available to children in our community of all backgrounds and income, by providing financial aid and scholarships to those in need.  



Adonai Arts Academy reaches into both Nashville and Wilson County to provide youth a worship environment for professional training in dance, music, instruments, painting, drawing, drama and production.  Nashville First Church of the Nazarene is the academy's home base, providing a sanctuary stage, dance studio, music studios, and an art studio. Our satellite campuses in Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, and Hermitage, TN, provide additional music and dance class and private instruction options for all.   



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